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Red shallow trays on the filing cabinet

It was sad to see the end of the BBC series Ashes to Ashes last week. Throughout the series a stack of red shallow trays and a lone yellow deep tray have featured at the police office where the drama is based. Leading character DI Alex Drake was seen carrying the yellow tray holding her notes as she chatted with her boss DCI Gene Hunt. We, the staff here at Gratnells, all claim to understand what the ending was all about. Are they alive or dead but more importantly is this proof that there are Gratnells trays in heaven?


The horror that is Worlddidac is looming. The bi-annual international education love-in is all set for October in Basle and we are there with a stand the size of Wales. Why IS everything the size of Wales? Anyway our Wales-sized stand is looking forward to greeting you with a soggy biscuit and weak hot coffee. I will be behind the desk somewhere between Pont-y-Berem and Abergavenny.