One of the most common questions we get is ‘Can you describe what your green tray looks like. How green is it?’ Answering a question like that on the phone is nigh on impossible. It’s sort of grass green but that depends on which grass you have in your garden. The web gives a good approximation but print a sheet from a standard colour laser and it is never quite right. It was time to develop an accurate colour swatch of all our tray colours. Nice idea, but I can assure you that is easier said than done. It was the 24 carat nightmare. The trays needed to be matched to CMYK charts and RAL charts and HEX charts and any other charts those clever print people have invented. It took months. We needed wet copies and dry copies and spot varnishes and bleeds and fades and cuts and rivets .. it just went on. However, at last it’s finished and we have beautiful colour swatches for all. They are free so please ask for one. Just don’t throw it away. I’ve sweated blood over those. They should be lovingly placed on your desk and stroked once an hour…because they’re worth it.

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Free for all

Boost for suppliers into the nursery market

The UK nursery sector will be strengthened by the news that the coalition government has confirmed that the entitlement to free childcare for three- and four-year-olds will continue. The Education Secretary Michael Gove has gone further saying it will be increased to 15 hours a week and that childcare would also be extended to the 20,000 of the country’s most disadvantaged two-year-olds. For suppliers into this market this is surely an indication that demand will hold up. This coincides with the release of a new survey into future resourcing for nurseries conducted by BESA the UK trade body for suppliers to education. It makes interesting reading noting that nurseries are most likely to prioritise a greater range of resources than schools with learning toys at the top of the list. Instead of buying at a particular time of year, 81% said purchasing happened at any time. For suppliers this means that the traditional autumn glut can be smoothed out throughout the year.

Four day week for British Schools?

Imagine waking up on Monday morning and not packing the kids off to school. As a cost saving measure a rural community in the American state of Georgia has extended the weekend an extra day. School gates remain locked on the first day of the week at Peach County where students attend school just four days a week, a cost-saving tactic gaining popularity among cash-strapped districts struggling to make ends meet. The 4,000-student district started shaving a day off its weekly school calendar last year to help fill a £600,000 million budget shortfall. As Cameron and Clegg prepare to wield the axe, is this a step too far for the UK? View article here.

Gratnells trays exposed in the News of the World!

On Sunday the nation’s favourite kiss’n’tell paper  News of The World ran a feature about Havelock Comprehensive which has improved dramatically since tycoon David Ross decided to sponsor the failing school to become an Academy. Established in September 2007  the Grimsby School is sponsored by the David Ross Foundation. We were delighted to see a Gratnells tray taking centre stage of the lead picture.

We congratulate the school on their transformation, and would like to think improving classroom storage played a part.

Starring Gratnells Trays

Full story is here