Trouble in the plastic supply market – are there problems ahead?



Technical problems at a Polish processing plant are causing sleepless nights to the suppliers of raw plastic. Industry experts ISIS news has reported that LyondellBasell has declared force majeure on Polypropylene from its joint venture Basell Orlen Polyolefins plant in Plock, Poland.

In a statement the company said that “as a result of unforeseeable technical production problems in the plant, it was unable to supply Polypropylene from Plock. Polyproylene is the base material for Gratnells trays.

The news comes as a blow to major plastic buyers who are already under force majeure restrictions from Total Petrochemicals.

One buyer said  “I was going to use material from this Plock to replace what I couldn’t get from Total.”

The price of Polypropylene has been on the rise for the past six months and with these new restrictions on supply, price rises seem even more likely.


It’s Gratnells wot won it!

And it looks like Gratnells got the general election predection right!  We guessed that our tray sales for the month of the election would be an indicator of the actual result – and we were right!

The blues were in the lead, followed by red, yellow, green and ‘other’.  We wonder if we subliminally influenced the outcome when we shipped all these blue trays?  No need to thank us Mr Cameron.

No doubt a coaltion on the way