Gratnells sponsors School Science Technician survey

We’re delighted to sponsor the UK School Science Technician survey conducted by

School Science Technicians are the unsung heroes of many a school science department and over the years their role has changed considerably. set out to survey Technicians in order to raise awareness of the role of a School Science Technician among school leaders, teachers and local and national government. The aim of the survey was to gauge opinion and gather job related data about the profession. The survery was completed by over 1,300 technicians currently working in UK school science departments.

At Gratnells we recognise the invaluable contribution that Science Technicians make to the smooth running and effectiveness of Science education in UK and overseas schools and we have been actively advocating the cause of technicians since we launched our annual Science Technician of the Year Award.

The results show that while there are many challenges to being a Technican today, not least with issues of pay, training and recognition, the vast majority enjoy their jobs. The full report can be read and downloaded the myth of sisyphus and other essays. Watch out on twitter for the hashtag #techognition