The Pain is Over!

It’s like giving birth to an elephant. Worlddidac Basle is a large, unwieldy, expensive, foreign, logistical nightmare but at least it is only biannual. The show this year saw Gratnells with one of the largest stands in the hall and we certainly got everyone’s attention. We wanted to show off our new Callero range and SmartCase which went down extremely well. Some customers had already started packing kits in the Smartcase, so thank you to Sumit Jain at Eisco.

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Winner of the most interesting product had to go to LeXsolar with their electric go-kart. Ronnie from the German kit company was seen whizzing round the hall after hours with a big grin on his face. He may have the pace but can he beat my 14 year old son? Challenge for Worlddidac 2016?