Boys will be boys

More Gratnells trays spotted on TV! We were (as always) delighted to spot some Gratnells Trays in a classroom in Channel 4’s Mr Drew’s School for Boys. The trays were the background to a fair amount of fighting and swearing as the programme showed Mr Drew (former star of Educating Essex) trying to improve the behaviour of a group of unruly 11 year old boys.
Gratnells Ltd cannot accept any liabiblty for injuries sustained in the vicinity of our products!

“Boys aged 12 and under are now almost six times more likely than girls to be kicked out of school, while 90% of young offenders were previously excluded from school.

Inspirational headteacher Stephen Drew from Educating Essex wants to help 11 boys whose behaviour is threatening their future by enrolling them – and their parents – in a residential summer school like no other. Mr Drew has been dealing with challenging boys and their parents for 15 years, but with the families living on site, this is a first.

With his crack team of behaviour expert Tracey Campbell and inspirational teachers Dominic Volante, Lindsay Skinner, Mark Grist and Ben Vidler, can Mr Drew get the boys to unlock their true potential before it’s too late?

And can their parents confront their sons’ behaviour and face up to their own shortcomings?”

The programme was shown on Channel 4 earlier this year and more information and clips can be found on the argumentative essay on bullying