We are pleased to announce a new tray in our N Range. The N3 Jumbo tray is the latest addition to this range, sitting alongside the N1 Shallow tray and the N2 Deep tray.

Our N range of trays has been specially designed to fit in school furniture that is 400mm deep (a size found mostly in Europe, not the UK). Now with the addition of the N3 Jumbo tray, furniture manufacturers and catalogue retailers will be able to offer a wider variety of storage options and offer storage for larger items too. This tray size will be most popular in preschools and primary schools.

You can download a college scrapbook paper with technical information from the trade section of our website.


  • The N3 is available in colours to match the other N trays – Flame Red, Royal Blue, Grass Green, Sunshine Yellow and Translucent.
  • As with all Gratnells products – guaranteed for five years
  • Made from polyproplene and fully recyclable
  • Height – 300mm
  • Width – 312mm
  • Length – 377mm
  • Code – N3


At the ASE Technicians Conference with Professor Kathy Sykes

Look out for us at the annual ASE National Technicians Conference in York where we will be announcing the winner of the Gratnells Science Technician of the Year Competition.

Professor Kathy Sykes will once more be presenting the Award. She will be delivering a keynote speech on the second day of the Conference and her subject will be of a remarkable biodegradable plastic called ‘Biopol’. Made by bacteria, rather than coming from oil, it has entered into the controversial area of Genetically Modified crops, via the humble cress plant.
Following Professor Sykes’ speech, the Science Technicial of the Year Winner and Runners-Up awards will be presented.


The ASE National Science Technicians conference is an annual event held in the National Science Learing Centre, York. This year’s conference runs on Thursday 4th to Friday 5th July 2013. The programme for 3013 includes a wide variety of relevant workshops and lectures including keynote lectures by Professor Kathy Sykes, Dr David Jenkins from the University of York and Chris Peel the former technician advisor at CLEAPSS. For more information visit the ASE website.


New YouTube Channel

We’ve recently updated our YouTube channel to the new format making it easier to see on mobile devices as well as desktops. Also we have separated out sections and playlists so it’s easier to find the videos you want.

There’s a Science Technician of the Year playlist now as well as a new section for Vets which shows our new case study video.

Have a look here and let me know what you think.