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Continuing our series of special reports for architects designing school science labs we have produced a new special report in the series – the Chemical Store.

The report looks at the design of storage accommodation for chemicals in School Science departments. It’s jointly published by Gratnells Ltd and Timstar Ltd and is written by Andy Piggott, Independent Science Education Consultant specialising in lab design and science health and safety. You can download it here or from Gratnells.com.

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Gratnells trays in the finale of ITV's Broadchurch
It’s a fair cop, but society’s to blame

Eagle eyed viewers of ITV’s hit drama series Broadchurch might have spotted the real star in the finale. Forget about who killed Danny Latimer, the real highlight of the series for us was spotting Gratnells trays in the Police HQ!

It’s not widely known but Gratnells does supply many UK Police stations with storage systems, mainly in metal frames though unlike this wooden storage unit shown.

For those who weren’t watching the show, Broadchurch is ITV’s most sucessful drama since Downton Abbey began. The hunt for the killer of schoolboy Danny Latimer, led by two detectives played by former Doctor Who star David Tennant and Olivia Colman, gripped the nation with an average weekly audience of nearly 10 million. A second series has just been commissioned so here’s hoping for more starring roles for the Gratnells tray!