Another TV starring role

We’re on the telly again!  We spotted Gratnells Medical Trolleys from our hospital range in the background of BBC’s medical comedy Getting On.  Getting On is a darkly comic series about life on an NHS ward and offers a bittersweet look inside a female medical ward at King Edward VIIIth hospital, a backwater within a backwater of the health service. Jo Brand (who co-writes and stars in the sitcom) won a the Bafta award for Best Female Performance in a Comedy Role last year.

The series is produced by Vera Productions and directed by The Thick of It’s Peter Capaldi.  It’s well worth a watch if you haven’t seen it – even if you don’t get overly excited spotting Gratnells products like we do!

Starring Gratnells Trolleys. Co-starring Jo Brand and Joanna ScanlonYou can find more information and see clips from Getting On reflective essay introduction.