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Cars and trays (and furniture!)


Gratnells trays have been selected as the tray of choice for the children’s play areas in a number of VW/Audi showrooms in Holland. With furniture designed by the respected educational furniture manufacturer essay on importance of moral education, two pieces were created to keep children happy while Mum and Dad bought the latest car. Klassehout design creative and flexible furniture for primary schools. All their furniture is manufactured according to current standards and safety with necessary certification.

Tailor made inserts

We are very pleased with our latest foam insert – a fully customisable insert.  The foam is partially-cut in a grid of small squares – so by pulling out the right combination of squares you can make any insert shape that you need.  These inserts are ideal for low volume specialist scientific or medical equipment – or indeed any low volume products that need storing securely.


If you would like a sample of this new insert just drop me an email



Everything there is to know

After much blood, sweat and tears we have completed our Gratnells International Brochure.  It was primarily designed for our overseas customers, but it’s just as relevant for our UK partners too.  It clearly demonstrates our complete product range and potential applications for third parties, and has a full colour chart and lots of technical information too. There’s even a glossy pull-out poster for that space above your desk that needs brightening up!

If you’re interested in having a look at what we do you can download a pdf, or see a flicky version online.  I’ll even post you a copy if you email me your details.


Toyfair 2012

The Nurnberg Toyfair is always one of the highlights of the ‘selling-season’ and this year it started a day earlier than normal. Instead of kicking-off on the first Thursday in February the organizers moved the fair to the last Wednesday in January. If they hoped to get more people through the door on that first day they would have been sorely disappointed. Most of the halls were significantly less busy than normal but it gave myself and Spencer Randon, our Director of International Sales a good opportunity to see as many people as possible.

Smiles all round

The news across the market was decidedly mixed. Andreas and Yvonne from Henbea, Spain recounted woes of all the Spanish Education Government contracts being cancelled in 2011 making trading difficult. However, there was more positive news from Germany and Poland where a big merger of two of the biggest players is sure to affect the market . It may be strange to travel to Germany to pick up UK news but Nurnberg is always a good mixing pot for of the latest comings and goings of the UK market. Probably the biggest news was Craig Carter formerly of Agenta, Findel and TTS had set up his own business to source products.  It’s called Craig Carter Concepts and a website would be appearing shortly. Thanks as ever to companies showing our trays on their stands and this year the box of chocolates goes to Dusyma and Neinhuis for supporting us among others. A positive year all round.


Train spotting

Model Train collectors need to store their precious models – ergo they could put them in a Gratnells tray. That was the rationale behind our thinking when we set off for the Model Train hall at the Nurnberg Toyfair 2012. Armed with a special leaflet extolling the virtue of our new customizable foam insert surely the millions will come rolling in. Our concept was greeted with ‘cautious enthusiasm’. I will let you know how we get on! Why not have a quick look at the Rail packaging 1 A3.