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We have just designed a new box for mailing a single shallow (F1) tray.  It’s made of very strong cardboard and specially designed to hold the contents securely so the tray (and contents) won’t be damaged during travel.  We use them for sending samples and thought some of you might find them useful too – particularly Kit Manufacturers.  If you are interested in finding out more about these boxes please book thief essay me.


Here's one we made earlier

Shiny new Sandretto toy

Lonely empty space
Happy full space


This morning we took delivery of a brand new plastic injection moulding machine. To keep up with the ever growing demand for trays and Gratnells storage products, we took the plunge and bought a Sandretto Serie Nove HP (The updated version of the popular Serie Nove S) which I have been promised is even better, and even faster. The features include: Faster cycle speed and increased precision of screw and mould position.  More efficient hydraulic system giving better power consumption.  Two pumps as standard. Master variable displacement, and slave fixed displacement. So there you go. To you and me, it means we can get more trays out the door quicker than before. Amen.

Still wrapped

The exciting new project linking teaching and learning to school building design.

A quick ‘heads-up’ to an exciting and unique new education building project being constructed on an industrial estate in Corby, Northamptonshire. It’s called the LearnSpace project (formerly aka The Learning Cube) in which a disused warehouse is being converted into a large empty space into which model classrooms can be built to conduct detailed research into the learning environment. Please click here for a document kindly supplied by Neil Kitson, one of the project organisers, and Education Strategy Manager at Northamptonshire County Council. Many of the objectives chime with our popular www.gratnellslearningrooms.com project which has already been taken up by many teachers. As I get more info I will pass it on.


Some more curves

Following on from Twoey Toys website pictures that we spotted last week we were delighed to see a new range of classroom furniture from fellow UK manufacturer Crossbrook Furniture.  These new units feature our new Gratnells Quadrant tray and you have to agree they look very smart in our photo!

Hertfordshire based Crossbrook Furniture are one of the UK’s leading educational wooden furniture manufacturer, and specialise in good quality furniture with excellent customer service.  They are one of the first manufacturers to use Gratnells Quadrant trays in their furniture.

Levitating trays

While our new Quadrant tray already popular with wooden furniture manufacturers we have also developed a special bracket that allows them to be well-mounted in a classroom. The bracket is invisible when the tray is inserted giving a nice floating tray effect.  Perfect for using in awkward corners.



Wall mounted bracket for the new Quadrant tray
Wall mounted bracket for the new Quadrant tray



Trays on display

We were delighted to get some pictures today from one of our customers, Najeh Eissa from Sahara Medical & Scientific Supplies in Dubai.  Sahara are a well known supplier of laboratory & scientific supplies for schools (including pre-schools), universities, and general laboratories in the United Arab Emirates and Sultanate of Oman and other Gulf regions.  Sahara are just back from the GESS 2011 show and took some pictures of their stand featuring Gratnells trays of course!


GESS 2011

GESS – Gulf Educational Supplies and Services 2011 is entering its 5th year and is a well established exhibition and conference in the Gulf region. GESS covers the entire spectrum of educational supplies and solutions including: ICT and SEN solutions, science and lab equipment as well as educational toys, books, games and other classroom supplies and sports equipment.  It ran for three days from 3 May 2011.  GESS and GEF return on 28th February – 1st March 2012, when it will move to the new location of Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE.

Hands off my mug!

We have produced some fun heat-sensitive mugs for science teachers and school lab staff.  They look plain dark blue normally but when hot water is added a warning sign appears with ‘Hands Off! Science staff only’  We will be giving these out to any school staff who request a lab design from our storage consultant.  Of course any of our trade customers who would like to pop round to Gratnells HQ for a nice cup of tea can have one too!



Stylish rounded furniture

We are really pleased to see a new furniture range from Cumbria based Twoey Toys.  They are one of the first UK school furniture manufacturers to produce a range featuring our new Q2 quadrant tray.  I saw some concept furniture at the Toy Show and now there is a whole range available which looks really stylish and practical.  Have a look at the full range on their website www.twoeytoys.com

Are you sitting comfortably?
Boys love train sets
Stylish unit with rounded ends