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We are excited to unveil the latest addition to our school tray range – the Gratnells Quadrant Tray. The Quadrant Tray has been designed to maximise classroom space by fitting into corner wooden furniture. It’s already proving very popular with our wooden furniture manufacturer partners.

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• Compatible with Gratnells award-winning school trays.
• Choose from Flame Red, Royal Blue, Grass Green, Sunshine Yellow or Translucent.
• Five year Guarantee
• Made from 100% recyclable material

Images and a full product information sheet can be downloaded from the helicopter parents essay of our website and free samples are available on request.

Today’s experiment

We’ve made a new movie to demonstrate our secondary school science storage range.  This YouTube video demonstrates a 3D walkthrough of a prep-room along with an overview of the Gratnells adjustable tray storage system.


We also have a 3D planner tool which you can use yourself it’s on our website. If you have a science lab or prep room to plan and would like our consultant David Moore to offer design help please feel free to get in touch.

Fun and games at the Toyfair

Here's a Morphun kit I packed earlier.

A real baptism of fire was in store for me visiting the Nurnberg Toy Fair in February.  Having started as Director of International Business only two days previously, learning new products in a new market with new customers was always going to give me a migraine by the end of the day!

It was a pleasure to meet so many Gratnells customers there, be it educational toy manufacturers or furniture producers.   The range of excellent, well-made designs featuring Gratnells trays was quite astounding.  There must be only a few companies that can boast such a presence on so many stands –  our thanks to all our customers for continuing to specify our products.

A nice storage unit on display.

My first day at the toy fair was complete, when having finally sat down after a long day of walking, Murray turned to me and said ‘oh and by the way, you are now solely responsible for all of Gratnells export business’!  A very long drink of the beer I had in front of me was taken as I contemplated the size of the job at hand.  Fortunately, I have an excellent team in Robert and Gill along with the guidance, knowledge and enthusiasm of Neville and Murray.

Old customers with a new product

So three weeks into the job and the pace is picking up.   I am now getting ready to start travelling, with trips this month comprising of Germany, Spain, Poland and Denmark and with Neville travelling into the Middle East and Asia, you’ll never be more than 5 metres from a Gratnells Tray!

Spencer Randon

The world is your oyster.

Off to Hall 12.2 or is it 11.1?

It was good to welcome Spencer Randon to the Gratnells international team this month. We dragged the poor lad to the Nurnberg Toyfair on his second day (tough by any standards), Spencer will now be touring the world with an extremely rare Gratnells credit card and the famous wheeled case complete with tray, insert and lid. It is thought this case has more air miles than George Clooney in the film ‘Up in the AIR’. Coming soon is his assessment of the Nurnberg Toyfair, and after that he is off to Madrid for the Spanish education show, followed by Germany, Poland and Denmark. Do buy the man a beer if you see him!

Going Dutch – NOT 2011

When an education exhibition is held only once every two years attending is very important. The NOT show in Utrecht, Holland is probably one of the best education shows in Europe and certainly the finest for school furniture. Holland has always been a very strong market for Gratnells with our trays loved by teachers across the country.

Thanks for taking me out to dinner, Eric.

News on the market this upcoming year is tricky. Few furniture manufacturers were predicting an increase in sales, all were just hoping for a flat year. This appears to be the theme across Europe.

Board-cum-cupboard-cum-tray storage thingy!

On a positive note for Gratnells, in 2011 the prestigious Neinhuis Montessori company will be using Gratnells trays in all its furniture. There will be more about this in the spring. Off to Nurnberg for the Toyfair!

Sneak peek of Neinhuis Montessori furniture.