We are always keen to hear about international schools who are using Gratnells storage.  Most overseas schools are supplied by third parties and we quite often don’t get to hear exactly where the products end up.

So we were very interested to have some feedback from a school in Zambia.  writing cause and effect essaysent us some pictures and told us how useful they found the trays they had bought.

“Gratnells trays have been very useful in our Science department for storage of science apparatus, chemicals and materials. The advantage of using these trays is that we can easily separate apparatus into different sections as these trays are colour coded. As a department these trays have made carrying of equipment from storage room to the science labs easier and safer. The trays were supplied by equipmyschool and delivered in time.”

Emmanuel Chota
Science Teacher at the American International School of Lusaka, Zambia

Do you know a school outside the UK using Gratnells products?  We would love to hear about it and see some photos – just send us an email.

Oh look, it’s us again!

Hands up who loves Gratnells!

We are thrilled as we spotted some Gratnells trays in a national newspaper again!  Last week The Daily Telegraph ran a feature about the new education white paper from Michael Grove allowing head teachers to increase some teachers’ salaries.

The large picture that ran with the article showed some children sitting in front of some wooden furniture with some very fetching purple shallow trays.  I don’t know why we get so excited, after all it’s unusual to see a classroom that doesn’t have Gratnells trays, but we still love to see them in the national press.

You can view an online version of the article on The Telegraph’s website.

Gratnells trays reaches heights other trays can’t reach

Less than ten pupils!

BBC’s Countryfile programme yesterday (Sunday) featured Flash Village Church of England Primary School. The school is situated high up in the Staffordshire Moorlands, standing 1,518 feet above sea level, making it the highest school in the UK. With just seven pupils aged between 4 and 11, the school consists of two classrooms and a library.

The classic red shallow tray.

But even this small, remote and isolated location didn’t stop the school from choosing Gratnells trays, as you can see from this programme still.

This proves, once again, that when it comes to tray storage, it’s got to be Gratnells. After all, it is the height of quality and value!

A Turkish Delight

We are always interested to see Gratnells products in situ and so we were pleased to receive a picture from on of our customers –  a laboratory equipment supplier in Turkey.

This is the first time we have seen our large D3 tray used with our stop ‘n’ tilt’ runners in wood furniture.  It looks ideal for storing larger items.

Stop 'n' tilt runners holding laboratory supplies in Gratnells D3 trays

Some deep and meaningful pondering

When is a depth not a depth?  That’s what we’ve spent all day asking ourselves here at Gratnells HQ.  You see it suddenly occurred to us that we give all our product specifications as standard height x width x depth (where depth is the measurement from front to back).  But at the same time we always refer to Gratnells tray range as being available in four depths of tray.  Were we confusing everybody, or just ourselves?  Is a depth actually a height or is it the length?  And if the height is actually the depth then what do we call the front / back dimension?  Calling that the length won’t make sense for trolleys or frames where the length is actually the width…..

Here’s what we decided to use as standard:

I've got your measure....
All other products have depth

What do you think?  It’s all too deep for me!

Music to their ears

Congratulations to Tati Bavastrelli from the leading Italian catalogue Borgione Centro-Didattico, along with Boba Watson from the Czech furniture manufacturers MAKRA . They are the proud winners of the Gratnells Worlddidac puzzle competition and will be listening to music of their choice from brand new Apple iPods. We’re running the competition again at Worlddidac in Basel, 24 to 26 october 2012 – so don’t forget to bring your puzzle piece next time!

Heads down – the education supplies world comes together 27-29th October 2010.


The Gratnells wall - bend it like Beckham!

After a week’s hard work Worlddidac 2010,  the international education supplies show in Basle, Switzerland is over for another two years. Buyers from across the world including Japan, Kazakhstan, and Venuzuela beat their way to the Gratnells stand to see our latest products and gossip. The stories they had to tell were interesting with the economic picture across the world very varied. The government in Romania has put a ban on buying school furniture for the whole of 2010 making life very difficult there. Our Greek customer was trying to expand across Southern Europe to escape the economic misery in his country. According to our leading supplier in Italy 20% of school suppliers have closed in the past year, ironically making his business better as he has picked up market share. Spain and Portugal were also struggling. On a brighter note Germany’s economic recovery has helped their school supply business and the Dutch have had a surprisingly good year. We had strong interest from Turkey, Morocco and across the Middle East. Most visitors agreed that things were looking up and it was one of the best shows ever.

Nienhuis Montessori converts to Gratnells trays

The perfect storage

One of the highlights of the show was the example of a perfect Montessori classroom built in the centre of the exhibition. The set was constructed by a leading Dutch supplier Nienhuis who have chosen the Gratnells tray as the best tray in early learning. Local children from Basle were brought in every day and used the set for real. They must have been thrilled to get their hands on a Gratnells tray at last!

Ooooh! - tray close up