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We currently export to 68 countries worldwide and are always looking to develop new  markets for Gratnells products.  Opening up new markets can be a very a long and complicated process and it can take many years to establish a brand overseas.

Following a visit by my father, Neville Hudson, to Brazil earlier this year we are delighted to have begun supplying one of Brazil’s leading school furniture manufacturers with Gratnells trays.  This is our first partnership in South America, we hope the first of many.

One of the world’s major fairs and the largest in the Americas for the office, stationery and school sector,  OFFICE PAPERBRASIL ESCOLAR- International School and Office Supplies was held at the beginning of September in Sao Paulo in Brazil and was attended by over 40,000 visitors.   We were delighted to have Gratnells trays on display.

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A big smile for Gratnells trays
Gratnells trays in the classroom display

Fly through the air and see exactly what it looks like.


There’s no better way to see what a new prep-room will actually look like than create a full 3D model of the room and then create a walkthrough. Thanks to Jono at Z Solutions the process was painless. First we had to create accurate 3D models of every one of our products.  We have made each of the models available in the architects section of the website.  That took the time but once it was finished the walkthrough was a simple exercise.  David Moore our resident expert storage rep, who visits schools choose what he thought was the perfect design and that is what you see here. It looks amazing.

If you want David to help you design a prep-room do not hesitate to get in touch.

Gratnells launches fixed runner option for our biggest selling frame and trolleys.

For some customers moving the runners up and down to increase storage space is not a priority. That’s why we’ve decided to bring out a welded version of our best selling frame and trolley. The 1850mm treble column frame is now available with a welded runner option along with our double and treble column trolleys. The three items are available fully assembled, so perfect for a refurbishment or new project. Prices depend on quantities and delivery into a school so just let us know what you want. Some say tomato some say tomayto!   

Fixed runners all round

Worlddidac 2010 getting closer – the stand is finalised

I'm on the left hand side

It’s big, it’s in Switzerland and it’s getting closer. The bi-annual  Worlddidac education shin-dig in Basle is just over a month away and I thought it was time to unveil our stand. This year Gratnells has a massive 81m2 stand making it by far the biggest in the British Pavillion. Plenty of sofas and two coffee machines will make every visitor feel at home. I look forward to seeing you there, but beware it is very busy.

Can you make a full size igloo with a Gratnells tray?

I have seen some strange uses for a Gratnells tray in my time but building an igloo has got to be up there.  Chris Bell, who works at Sacred Heart Catholic High School in Newcastle, filmed himself building the igloo using a green F2 deep tray and submitted it to a competition we were running to promote science experiments with Planet-Scicast

Chris, host Marty and some dodgy bloke

‘I had already made a short film earlier on in the year when we had an unusually heavy fall of snow, which demonstrated the properties of snow,’ said Chris. ‘And purely by co-incidence, I had borrowed some Gratnells storage trays from school that we use in the science prep-rooms as a “block-making mould” to form snow bricks to make an igloo.’ Chris’s demonstration then went on to show how the properties of snow – of which its composition is 90% air – in the form of an igloo, make a great ‘soundproof’ space.

The film was submitted in competition in the ‘Best film by a Science Technician’ sector and won. Check it out below.

Any other uses for a Gratnells tray?