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Overall winner Tracey Padgham accepts her award from professor Kathy Sykes

It was great to finally meet the three winners of our first Gratnells Science Technician of the Year award. Tracey Padgham of Cavendish School in Eastbourne, Liz Carter of Warwick School and Brenda Davies from Sandhurst School in Warwickshire all made it down to central London for our special ceremony. We teamed up with Katie Walsh, Jonathan Sanderson and the nice people from eat cake, hand out awards for some excellent films explaining science experiments and celebrate our winners. We were lucky enough to convince Professor Kathy Sykes, who is Professor of Sciences and Society at the University of Bristol, has also been a presenter for the BBC on such series as: Tomorrow’s World, and Rough Science, to hand out our award. Kathy also squeezed in enough time to have lunch with us before hand. I was nervous as usual as I have to give out an award and she soothed my nerves with a chilled glass of white wine. The Royal Institution was a fitting venue and the large stern statue of Michael Faraday himself made an excellent backdrop for some photos.

The Gratnells team along with all the winners and their sponsors

Thanks to all involved especially our judges Chris Peel from CLEAPSS and Simon Quinell from the Science Learning Centre HQ in York and Andy Piggott, the UK’s finest Science Education Consultant .

99 red balloons go by!